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Selectively Friends Only [17 Nov 2015|11:38am]

The majority of my personal posts have been made friends only.

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:o [25 May 2015|09:00pm]
Lights were on, nobody was home.

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... holy crap [24 Feb 2014|12:32am]
I actually remembered my login and password?
What is this?!
Does anyone even use lj any more?
It's been a while.

I just read a few of my last posts.
Wow I was such a different person back then.
Those posts make me ASHAMED that I'd ever had thought processes like those.

I best make up for them.

I'm Monkau
I'm much more stable now
I also care less about dumb shit and care more about respect. Respect is truth and honesty. It is being open and not living a lie or living to how someone else wants you to live.
I met a lot of cool people since my last posts. I also met a lot of fucking douchebags.
I have a stable job that stresses me out and I hate it.
I like the money though.
I am lazy. Much lazier than I used to be.
Not enough hours in a day. Id like more sleep time.
I'm pretty cool and if people cant see it or disagree because someone says I'm not then I don't care and it's their loss.

Ive done a lot this past few years.
Hello livejournal. Goodbye livejournal. Maybe ill check in again in another 3 years.

This post brought to you by Patrio.
Because he linked LJ at me.
Blame him.

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[22 Jul 2011|11:56am]
Another glue gun blew up on me today.
once again i am sooooo glad i had just put it down, i dont feel like having those sparks hit my hand.

imagine if i was using the gluegun and had my face near it watching what i was doing. oh gods, if that went in my eye/s!!?!?!

this one wasnt even very old, i had hardly used it at all (especially compared to the use i got from that last one.) completely unexpected this so soon, i think i need to get an industrial glue gun or something, these ones from craft stores are bloody shite.

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[09 Jan 2011|02:27am]
wow, like around 3 weeks til Daniel moves in. *is scared*

updated entry

coz i made some tails.

hope youre all keeping well.

i have shit thats come up, that is going to stress me the F out and make me not a happy little moocow. but whatever. I dont know why people like to bug me so much. Damn stalkers.

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[23 Dec 2010|12:54am]
[ mood | awake ]

Bucket-cat wishes you all a happy Christmas for Saturday.

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[17 Dec 2010|04:37pm]

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[01 Dec 2010|08:15pm]
OK i made 2 pairs of the new 'deluxe' style ears and put them on ebay. they cost me more in materials, take longer to make, and give me PAIN lol the gluing for these is harder than the others and i always burn myself ahha


Im going to be working on something for some people for the next week or two.
love love surprises

speaking of surprises, did i mention yet that Dandan gave me a lovely necklace ^-^

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[22 Nov 2010|03:31pm]
sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick sick

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[09 Nov 2010|11:49pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

special snow-mew ear commission for a friend of a friendCollapse )

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[08 Oct 2010|09:16pm]

Thou shalt not work, when a bed your work station is.

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[08 Oct 2010|12:14pm]

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[03 Oct 2010|10:48pm]

Kitty NOM!

Liz's wedding reception was beautiful. ive never seen anything like it.
lovely room at the belvoir in the swan valley, with stairs and balcony inside (and outside- a whole wall of windows overlooking a massive balcony down to the lawn and garden areas). lovely high roof with nice lights with fancy decorations around them.

real snazzy cetrepieces! lovely colour choices since Liz's fave colour is green! tables were white with shiny green ribbins

appetisers were coldplates; saffron and garlic squid, mussles, prawns, salmon etc sliced coldmeats, grilled eggplants, various other veges etc

entree, gormet veal lasagne with veges on top (i didnt like the lasagne, but i ate the veges they were yummy)

main was 'duel's of beef and chicken with veges and stuff i dont know how to pronounce or spell lol. i dont eat the beef so i traded and got 2 chickens :)

desert was rally nice choc drizzled custard profiteroles and cream

as much booze and softdrink as you could get into you :)
(i stuck to lemon lime and bitters, since i was driving)

i liked watching the Italian traditions ;)
cake looked lovely, i think everything went right.

picked tara up this morning from amy and aunty robyn - she went with them after the wedding when me mum ash rob and doug went pub crawling while waiting for the reception (the others went to the arvo tea). anyways, i think i picked her up at round 11, and then went to nanas. ash and doug were there. so i stayed a while. then they left and mum and rob turned up lol. then aunty carolyn and uncle chris. and then aunty karol ad her nephew LOL. i didnt get home til around 5 XD

nothing much else for the rest of the week planned. looking forward to the furry meet next weekend!!
need to get my tail sorted out :)

wedding pics and my garden stuff.Collapse )

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furry ears n stuff [23 Sep 2010|01:34pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Greetings, furballs!
photo heavy post, so its in a cut.

furry stuff and picsCollapse )

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[17 Sep 2010|03:42pm]
owls for muchiCollapse )

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[01 Sep 2010|11:00pm]
a bag & pillow I made for tara! and ears!Collapse )

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Owl Pillow [24 Aug 2010|04:32pm]
For Muchi

My sister bought one for her sister in law.
apparently there are better ones with lotus flower pattern but s.i.l preferred the mushrooms.

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MEIW? [12 Jul 2010|09:58pm]

cutCollapse )

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[08 Jul 2010|09:31pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

i really like how its turning out

so far ive spent $20 on glue sticks, $4 on wire ( i only used about 1m from 30m)
$7 on plastic mesh

the coyote fur and short white i had already, its actually my offcuts from making all the headband ears! i sewed them together you cant even tell hehe.

I had to go buy some felt sheets today, 60 cents each x3
and i had to buy fur flats of the long white and black which were near $15 each, and ill only be using very small amounts of them, so I can use them on other stuff later.

i already had everything else here sitting around :)
oh the eyes are acrylic teddy bear eyes.
the teeth and nose are going to be sculpey clay which i also already had.

one more pic ^-^Collapse )

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foxy [07 Jul 2010|10:08pm]
well, heres my pictures

the white and black are placeholders until i get the long white and black fur. it will get shaved down around the muzzle / eyes / brow when im finished

lets see if i can remember how to lj cut

cut?Collapse )

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